Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dark Chocolate-Almond Cake

I'm late late late for this month's bake. But I'm still here to show my bake now since it's 1 month's grace ;) For our 13th bake at The Home Bakers, we are baking dark chocolate almond cake from Lou Seibert Pappas's "Coffee Cakes". I only made half her recipe and converted all the ingredients since most of us on my side of the world uses this measurements.

For the full recipe, please look to my fellow baker Jocelyn who is hosting this bake.

If you did notice from my 1st picture above, I used baking strips to stabilise the cake and that allows the cake to have an even flat top. However, in my haste to remove the cake before it cooled, my cake top crumbled and you can see the uneven cake crumble cake slice above. Nevertheless, it was uberliciously good :)

Also, incidentally that as this month's challenge for AlphaBakes Challenge is D, I will also be sending this entry to The more than occasional baker and Caroline Makes both co-hosts of Alphabakes challenge.


kitchen flavours said...

Hi Grace,
You are not late, as long as you did not miss the deadline! Haha!
Your cake sure looks moist and delicious! We really love this cake too. I have never seen baking strips being sold here before, though am rather curious ever since I've seen it from Rose Levy's recipes! Is it really good?
Have a great week ahead!

Unknown said...

Hey Joyce, yeah I'm glad I didn't miss the deadline cos the cake really taste that good :) Yup, the baking strips I've gotten don't usually sell in the shops too but u can get them from Amazon or online. Mine is Wilton's which is a tad pricey but I would say, it's worth to get one. Usually when I bake my little 6 inch cakes, they normally dome. This time, it's a flat top 6 inch. I wish I had taken a picture of it before I tried to 'unravel' the cake from its tin :(

Zoe said...

Hi Grace,

I have seen these baking strips before. Will try to buy too online :D


Anne@FromMySweetHeart said...

Hi Grace...and this is just a beautiful cake! It really looks so moist and I would not have thought anything about the top if you had not mentioned it. It just looks delicious. I've not seen those cake stabilizers before...but I could sure use one! LOVE this cake! : )

Joy said...

Grace, I want a big plateful of this cake! :) Beautiful!
~Joy (Yesterfood)

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

Grace, that looks so divine. I love dark chocolate cakes with nuts. I would love it with hazelnuts :)

Mich Piece of Cake said...

Hi Grace, this looks delicious! I also enjoyed this cake very much.

lena said...

hi grace, me too have that baking strip , i actually forgotten i have one until you mentioned here and i hv not used that before! agree with you that this cake is really good! The top of my cake wrinkled once it had cooled down:)

Caroline Cowe said...

Uberliciously good? I like the sound of that! Thanks for entering Alphabakes!