Saturday, January 19, 2013

Almond crusted butter cake

I know I have been behind a few bakes which I will get to them really soon. Work has been really busy lately. But yes, not a reason to lack behind since I have made the promise by joining the baking group(s).

This weekend I meant to rest so that next week which will be a hectic week for me will be much better. However, my hands have been itching to bake somehow. I kept looking at this one recipe ever since I've gotten the book "Coffee Cakes" for The Home Bakers. My fellow bakers baked this in June last year. To be very honest, each time this recipe will beckon to me without fail hehe. It's screaming to me, "bake me!! bake me!!"

You must be wondering how did this cake mesmerize me. It was probably the picture that did it. For those who have a copy of the book, they know what I'm talking about. It's the cuppa coffee with thick slices of the almond crusted butter cake. Ooh yummy yum yum!!

Apart from this, I have bought a few different types of butter lately so I'm going to try to bake this cake with Lurpak butter. Let's see what's the verdict between this and SCS butter which is a common type of butter used here.

This is taken from Lou Seibert Pappa's "Coffee Cakes".

For those who are keen to know the types of pan to use for this. Lou Seibert's recipe indicated to use either 10 inch bundt pan or 2 loaf pans which is 4.5 by 9.5 inch. For me, this recipe adaptation above (which is only half of Lou's recipe), I used a 4 by 9 inch loaf pan. That works as well.

    According to Mr G, the butter cake is very fragrant and light in taste without any oily tinge that can be tasted in SCS butter cakes. No offence for SCS butter lovers since it's a common butter used in Singapore and Malaysia. I guess when butter is the main actor in play, you will be able to taste the real difference. Yes, I will definitely use Lurpak butter when there's sale! hahaha I absolutely love the light taste of it.


    kitchen flavours said...

    Hi Grace,
    I use any butter that is on sale! Haha! But without doubt, the better quality butter definitely makes a difference!
    You could link past bakes at the current THB's link, no problem!
    Have a great week ahead!

    Unknown said...


    yeah I used to do that too until lately SCS butter has become exorbitantly priced in Singapore! Ridiculous price of S$4+ per block where Australian and European butters became cheaper. So hence, the idea of wanting to experiment with different kinds of butter brands to bake :) Thanks for dropping by nevertheless!