Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

This post should have come earlier but nevertheless, it's still within the fourteen days of Chinese New Year :) Yes, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!

For the past few weeks, it has been extremely busy at work, at home and lots of baking going on. Yes, alot of Chinese New Year baking going on in the kitchen and because of that, I have neglected a few baking challenges :(

Anyhow, mum has requested for me to bake something light for everyone for dessert this year. Obviously to me, the best choice would be chiffon cake. To usher in the new year, I decided to bake Alex Goh's orange chiffon cake from his book 'Chiffon is Done'.

This is definitely a refreshing start for the new year where we have been loaded with so much rich and fat-laden food.

Despite its appearance, I must say that this orange chiffon cake smells really citrusy and refreshing. Those who have eaten literally gave a thumbs up even the mum who stays away from sweet food.

Soon, I'll put up more posts which have been backlogged for the few weeks. Please bear with me :)

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