Saturday, February 23, 2013


Although my last post here wasn't too long ago, I must admit that I really miss baking, blogging, my fellow bakers at The Cake Slice and The Home Bakers and even the people who have been silently reading my blog :) Lately, so much work has caught up, the festive Chinese New Year, exhaustion and many more but I'm back to once again, dust my blog and give it many new posts (I hope!)

With the support of my fellow bakers at The Cake Slice, I have gotten down to baking this month's cake afterall :) Yes, as the title suggests, this month's cake is Red Velvet Cake aka RVC. And I felt that it was pretty apt as it is also the month of the Valentine's Day!!

For a while now, it has been the rave over here. I have also gotten into the 'wave' earlier so if you noticed, I had baked this cake before and did receive quite a lot of good reviews about it so when I saw that we are going to bake it for this month, I was pretty much delighted. But of course, some people would beg to differ since Julie's Red Velvet Cake didn't call for vinegar, but that is just how I like it. A matter of preferences I would say but well, everyone's entitled to your opinions of course :)

Since I had baked this much earlier before, I shan't put up the recipe again but you can refer to it here. Like what I had done the last time, I prefer to bake it in cupcakes so that it's easier to eat at one go as well as for a different visual appeal. Another point to note is, I used Americolour Red-Red to give the red velvet the distinct red colour.

Instead of using mascarpone cream cheese frosting, I decided to use it to reduce the calories (if that actually helps haha). Also, I haven't put up the frosting recipe earlier so here it is.

This frosting keeps in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. If refrigerated, the frosting needs to be brought back to room temperature and rewhipped before using.

Anyhow, one of the reasons why I had decided to bake this was because it's my good friend, Lay Ting's birthday tomorrow. So it was another good reason for me to bake it too. I really hope she and Gary will love it just like how I love it to bits with the frosting.
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