Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My kind of fun Part 1

This is also another one of my backposts.

To distract myself from the stress of the daily work and what not, apart from baking, I have been trying my hand at decorating as well. Although I must say, that is an art by itself so as a matter of fact, definitely practice will make perfect for that.

I'm just a teeny little infant on that as there's so many 'experts' and people who can decorate their stuff so perfectly. But for now, I'm pretty much satisfied with what I can do but definitely an interest to do so much more :)

Here's some not-so-pretty treats for the eyes. I promise I'll make them even better! :):)

Do they look shaggy enough?? (Above pic)

Ok I admit I got abit carried away by the sunflower petals lol if u noticed the extremely longggggggg one in the middle

A not very pretty cake but I did my best (for now ;P)

Till my next 'kind of fun', I'll continue to try, try and try :) How's that for a positive note? I need loads of positive vibes ;)
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