Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fruitful weekend

On a Sunday morning, Mum just messaged me to say if Dad brings over durian, can you bake a cake for me? Wow, what a message! I was happy to hear that someone is appreciating my cakes or was it the love of durians that did that? Nevertheless, I was pretty happy to make her happy with the cake.

Look at my pretty chiffon cake! I love the way it looks so pretty in its shape. Apart from that, I also loved the fact that the little aerated holes in the chiffon are pretty uniform :) Tell you a secret,  this cake has been removed from the tin by hand! Yes, a fellow baker in a forum showed a youtube video of how to remove the chiffon cake by hand and yes, I do agree that removing chiffon cakes by hand is definitely much better than compared to using a knife to remove the cake. Kudos to that brilliant video!!

This durian chiffon recipe is from "Chiffon Cake is Done" by Kevin Chai.

Apart from this chiffon cake, I went for a bread baking class and learnt many basic techniques of bread making which was really a refresher since the last I really baked a bread was at a breadbaking class 2 years or more ago. Yes it was that long. After the class of learning how to knead the bread dough by machine, by hand and then later shaping the bread dough. Thereafter, we did learn a few basic designs as well as filling. Overall, it was an enriching class and it did teach me that bread baking isn't so intimidating afterall. Well, it did teach me that patience is a virtue. Hahaha probably something that I do need and He knows it so it's probably high time I do some bread baking soon.

Check out some of the fabulous fun pictures we had in class today ;)

our 'gracecook' bakery's raisin cream bun

lovely heart-shaped tuna bun

pretty little rose-shaped buns

our heart-shaped tuna buns - can you identify the most perfect heart shaped one?

our lovely rosies

Durian cream cheese bun - my favourite of them all!!
Soon I will bake some bread - you guessed it. Some bread dough is indeed 'resting' in my fridge already.

What a perfect 'courage' class today!

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