Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Basic bread

Guess what happened after my bread baking class on Sunday? Yes, I was given a dough to go home and try it out. I was a bit skeptical then because the last time I baked bread was at least 5 years ago and that was also in the breadbaking class that I did it.

So I consulted the 'shifu' (teacher in mandarin) for help as I took at least more than 12 hours to bake the bread. Golly, it was already hitting 24 hours for it. She told me ok, do the old dough method. I was like @@ stumped. So after her instructions on how to mix new dough with the old dough sitting in the fridge, I did almost as she told. Yes, almost. I was worried my KA dough kneader will give way from the sounds it was producing so I took it out quickly and kneaded it by hand. Then I began my first proofing and then the second with my tuna mayo filling. Love the filling.

Do check out the outcome of my first own breadbaking attempt!! :) I'm pretty eggcited about it. What do you think? 

Yes this was the bread already baking in the oven.

I was checking out on how to make the bread look pretty baking in the oven and stumbled upon this idea. Ar, so easy. Take my chiffon cake pan and put the buns in it. Love the way it looks like a big flower :) Psst, the shifu said can try eggwash or milkwash so I did milkwash with this one. Love the surface of the bread - nice and glossy!

See my flower ring bread removed from the pan :) Phew! still intact!

Now here is my 3 bun baked with eggwash. Looks kind of spotty isn't it? Mr G said it tastes abit more crusty and harder so he prefers the milkwashed one better. 

Now you can see the little spots that I'm talking about rite? Yeah beats me.

If this is at all clear, I managed to get Mr G to hold the bun for an internal closeup before it finishes. Hahaha Mr G finished 2 buns at one go!! Note to myself: don't let Mr G near the oven when I'm baking bread next time ;P 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome. Speaking of courage, I have to put this one up for the courage 'billboard'. Courage for attempting bread which I'm truly very 'afraid' of before. Seems too hard and I just don't want to try because of the time taken. Well, apart from the satisfaction that the bread turns out nice, soft and fluffy, to me, I learnt the virtue of patience. It is not easy to do that but yes, it is for a good reason :)

Till my next bread baking session.
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