Thursday, November 29, 2012

Durian Cotton Cake

Over the weekend, we met up with Dad and Mum and they gave us some durians which they bought from the market. 

If you haven't heard of durian or know how durian looks like, you are definitely missing something BIG. It is a tropical fruit that is regarded to be the 'king of fruits' in Southeast Asia. When the husk is 'cracked' open, you can see yellow, whitish-yellow tinge of flesh on its seeds. To some, this edible flesh emits a foul odour but to many in Southeast Asia especially to me, it smells like heaven.

The picture above clearly shows how the durian looks like. Ok, enough of the 'formal' introduction of durians.

According to Dad, he said that the durians from that market taste really good which I begged to differ because I had bought from that market sometime back but didn't really liked it. In case you are wondering how the durian flesh tastes like, it all depends on the fruit and quality. Some taste saccharinely sweet and some taste bittersweet. Most important of all, they should be creamy :) We savoured durians at my parents' place and were pretty stuffed especially after a full lunch. So we got to bring back all of our durians home ;)

Since there was quite a bit of durian left and we didn't want to eat too much of it as a fruit in a whole because it is very 'heaty', I've decided to  bake a cake with the durian flesh. That got me thinking as the last time I tried to bake something with durian flesh, it flopped and I think that stopped me from wanting to use durian for my bakes anymore.

Anyway, I managed to find this recipe online from bisousatoi which I thought it was just perfect for a filling fruit - Durian Cotton Cake :) I adapted it a little.

Note to myself:

  • Use a steadier and firmer cake pan (non-silicone) which is 8 inch instead of 9 inch :( yeah, if you noticed, my cake is a tad on the low side.
  • Watch the egg white peaks a little and make sure the peaks are softer.
  • Be more patient for the cake to cool before digging in so they can be a little firmer ;P
Note to you:
  • Ignore the weird whimsical striped background in the picture with the floral plate - tiredness is setting in
  • do try this cottony cake - although my cake isn't 100% successful and as cottony as I thought it would be, it is still very soft when I sliced it.
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