Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chinese New Year cookie 1.0 - pineapple tarts (enclosed version)

If you have been thinking about making or baking your own Chinese New Year cookies for 2013, you are not alone. I have been thinking about that for sometime too. For the past few years, I was just too lazy to bake anything for Chinese New Year since my ordeal of cooking pineapple jam 5 years or more ago. Hahaha yes, standing over the stove to cook the pineapple jam for 4 hours literally put me off all that.

Oh well, I am still trying to put my mind off that ordeal and start 'afresh' :) And yes, my first attempt will be still be pineapple tarts and it will be the enclosed version. This is my very first time attempting the enclosed version all by myself.

See how it all turned out in the end.

I admit I 'cheated' on this recipe by using store made pineapple jam. I was at the store in Johor and the owner said this pineapple jam is made with Malaysian pineapples which is a tartly sweet jam and far different from the ones made with Thailand pineapples. So I thought, why not? I bought a box of pineapple jam and it was sitting in my fridge for 2-3 months at least. So now, it has all been put to good use :) 

To give proper credit to the recipe, I'm not going to put the ingredients, method of how to make this pineapple tart here. Instead, I'm referring you back to Wendyinkk's blog. According to Wendy, this is her best pineapple enclosed tart version. I must say, I too have tasted many pineapple tarts and made it once or twice myself. To me, I will agree with her on the best homemade pineapple enclosed tart version. 

Mr G and me ate it while it was hot from the oven as well as when it was cooled about 1 day later, I must say that we both agree that cooled and after a day of baking, it sure taste a whole lot better. Psst, did I warn you that it is very much addictive? Beware ;)
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