Saturday, December 29, 2012

Brownie 3.0

Yes, you must be wondering, brownie 3.0?! I have finally completed my quest for brownies because this final brownie 3.0 just nailed it for me. You may beg to differ but this is my own verdict. However, if you do find another much much better brownie recipe, please let me know. I'll be keen to try out brownie 4.0 (just a thought ;P)

I was feeling bored and a bit peckish the whole day as I haven't been baking other than yesterday when I did a test bake for a Chinese New Year goodie (I know! I'm early right? but the stores are already doing baked goods for sale for Chinese New Year which is in February 2013?!?). The whole time my mind was saying to me was, I want chocolate and it must be gooey. Oh golly!! So I was flipping through my books and looking but there's so much choices.

This last one came from Alice Medrich's book - Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts. It's the cocoa brownies made with brown butter :):) Yes, this definitely caught my eye - brown butter hmmmm sounds rich and good.

In this recipe, butter that was browned will bring out the richness of the cocoa powder and I didn't add any nuts as usual since I'm no big fan of nuts but I did add some nice premium chocolate chips that I found in the supermarket. The combination of all these just totally bring out the gooey chocolatey goodness that is needed for a perfect brownie. Best of all, like what Alice mentioned, beneath that top hard skin layer from the brownie will ooze out chocolate goodness. That is absolutely what I need!
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