Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Korea part 3 - tangerines galore

After a good night's rest, we had buffet breakfast at the Jeju hotel. This began our daily kimchi journey even at breakfast. I guess, it does takes a bit of adjustment and getting used to.

After breakfast, we set off to the tangerine orchard.

roadside view of the houses the locals live in

These windmills does look a tad dreamy but I love the way they freely twirl and add on to the picturesque scenery. 


As you can see, we were kinda surprised at the amount of tangerines we can find in the small orchard.

The picture above was taken of the farmer's house and workshed. I was pretty surprised to see thatched roofed houses to have existed. Yes, you can obviously tell I'm some kind of 'town mouse' @@

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