Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Korea part 2 - Teddisied!!

After a hearty lunch with our bellies full of ginseng chicken soup, we headed straight for the Teddy Bear Museum. If you are a sucker for bears, be it minature or humongous, this is definitely for you! See the whole array of photos with the Teddies :)
our baby sister posing with the bride and bridegroom teddies


nope this is not a discoloured photo but one that you see in aquariums without the water and the animals. Everything is teddisied!!





Teddy Princess

Teddy Poseidon

Humongous Teddy
When you have had enough of Teddies, just like I do, it's time to head back for a good rest. You guessed right, by then we were kinda hungry :P Time for some Korean fried chicken!!

endorsed by Super Junior

Ignore the unappetising look of the chicken wings. As they all say, don't judge a book by its appearance. They are fabulously delicious. One of the BEST I've ever tasted so far!!! If you go to Seoul, please try it. They are everywhere!

radish as a side dish to reduce the spiciness of the chicken wings

I love the view of how the surroundings of the hotel is. It's just like living the way Koreans live except that we are living in a hotel for the night.
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