Wednesday, November 7, 2012

where I have been

If you have been wondering where I have been or if I have stopped blogging entirely, nope, I haven't. I have taken a break from work, from life and even from blogging for this past week and gone to the Land of Morning Calm. At this point, if you are wondering what is the Land of Morning Calm, it is otherwise known as South Korea or 'Chao Hsien' or 'morning freshness'. This is very much suited as South Korea has so much naturally picturesque high mountains and clear waters and I must say that I'm absolutely mesmerised by its splendid tranquility.

And off I go to the Land of Kimchi (as so the sister calls it).

seaweed soup

Already on the plane, they are prepping us for the bibimbap, kimchi and seaweed soup days ahead. Nice :)

The first sight I saw on the streets were already the pretty autumn-y colours of the trees and leaves. They were captivating.

And then we were brought to this family restaurant where they serve ginseng chicken soup which is not only homely but yet gives you an idea of what the locals eat.

simple banchan or otherwise known as side dishes

ginseng chicken soup

Check out the piping hot ginseng chicken soup! My absolute favourite. You can taste the natural sweetness of the chicken together with the slight tinge of wine (the one in the glass cup above). It is usually served with red dates, spring onions, ginseng (duh), chicken and in the chicken itself, there is glutinous rice in it. Awesome meal for a cold day :)
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