Sunday, October 7, 2012

Courage and orange cheese cupcakes

I haven't been very much onto baking or cooking even lately. October and forthcoming months are getting busy with many things going on - birthdays, work, etc.

Honestly, I should really make the resolution of baking or cooking once a week at least given that work does not allow me to do it almost every other day which would be absolutely ideal :) Seriously, there are way too many recipes - baking or cooking just to simply try out. Our tummies would be gladly welcoming them. However, sometimes, there are things holding me back.

What is courage to you? To me, it means many things. It means stepping out of your comfort zone, doing something that you've always wanted to do but dare not do or even doing something that you've never thought you would do but actually can excel in them. To me, the action of showing courage is a huge leap. One such example would be in baking. I would always bake cookies, cakes, cupcakes but never never with icing or any form of decorations. It's not really because I'm a firm believer that cake should just always be plain cakes but mainly because I'm scared to whip up cream cheese frostings, frost my cakes for fear that they turn out less pretty than I visualise them to be. But today is the day I told myself that I am ready to take that leap of faith and do something different with my bake today. 

Yes, hence these orange cheese cupcakes were 'born' with a little lurp from me. For those who are tasting my cupcakes, see if you can find a little 'magic' within.

Mr G's verdict on this one - much much better than many of my other bakes!! AWESOME! That made my day. Aww, yes that indeed boost my courage further. I'm ready to soar through the skies hahaha yeah we do need a bit of exaggeration every once in a while ;)

My resolution for the many years to come (yeah u can see I'm getting abit emotional since it's my birthday month) will be to take the leap of faith and be courageous day by day.

One day, some day, I will own a nice little bakery by the seaside with people popping by every once in a while to taste the bakes of the day. Now is time for my dreamland.
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