Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the day I was born....31 years later

I realised I haven't posted for about a week already, obviously my lazybones are catching up but well, part of the reason for blogging is to jot down in my memories - in case when I grow old and forget, in case when I realise my memory is failing me, and whatever other reasons I could think of.

This year's special day to me was pretty special though it was very simple. It was special for the simple fact that I have my me-time to myself - meeting up with my longtime girlfriend whom I haven't seen for years, me-time at the gym, nice lunch that I can slowly savour or relish without thinking that lunch hour is almost over so I need to hurry back to office (yes I know this is an absolute office illness ;P) and then complete rest in the comfort of my bed :)

And yes, I realised I never took any picture with my girlfriend too (DUH!). But I realised I took one with BFF :) Oh well, we agree we won't look photogenic but who cares? :)

Awesome birthday lunch all by myself. Lonely I do not feel so but I feel more at peace rather, enjoying the taste and favour of the food. Yes, my favourite Itacho!

Now is the time of happiness - pressies!!! :)

my very 1st Le Creuset!!! I was excited when I saw it because I couldn't believe it. Yes, it is still all in its packaging. I haven't thought of what to cook with it yet but yes, shepherd's pie or bread pudding is the definite first(s) on the list :)

Cutesy tiramisu cuppies!! This is really innovative and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised :) Thanks BFF and Morraine!!!

This cute little she-bar with the pot of roses are from Lay Ting who is so sweet to remember my special day (just don't mind the messy background lol)

However, I also want to say happy birthday to SH!!! Incidentally, we work together in the same office and her birthday is just one day before mine. Nice!

We celebrated her special day too :)

The staff at Hippopotamus was so sweet to help us lit up a candle for SH.

May you stay cheery, happy and enjoy family bliss always!!

October is a busy month. Many more things are coming up. I will write more really soon, I promise :)

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