Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little pockets of love

For a long time, I have been wanting to make these 'little pockets of love' but there's been a lot of hindrances hahaa. yes, excuses I know but some are valid ones ;) like it's hard to find the pan here.

Mr G was so excited about these little pockets of love when he saw it on AFC one day. Then he said so when are you going to make these lovelies for me? I was like, hmm they look so good, or at least they do on tv ;P I had a hard time finding the ebelskiver pan in Singapore. Finally, one fine day, I found the pan in Mustafa Centre (nope, I'm not promoting for them) so I bought the pan.

Since today is a nice hot and lazy Sunday, staying in would be good. So hence, I've decided to make these lovelies for Mr G.

By way of introduction, ebelskivers are traditional Danish pancakes which are known as Ã†bleskivers which do mean 'apple slices' and these pancakes have a round sphere shape.  Traditionally, ebelskivers are cooked with little apples or applesauce as filling but these days, people rarely cook them with apples. I like them because they aren't sweet and you can put whatever filling you like and if you do wish, you can sprinkle powdered sugar all over them.

The pans used to cook these ebelskivers are made from cast iron. Mine looks like this. You would probably agree that this pan does look like the one people used to cook takoyakis (Japanese pancakes with savoury fillings). And I guess with the warm, fuzzy and woozy fillings inside them, this makes them just like little pockets of love. Spread the love everyone!!

Don't mind the look of the undecorated ebelskivers. It is a feat to cook ebelskivers, put the fillings, cover them, take pictures and plate them all at one go.

See how it looks like inside.

This blur image was obtained when I was holding up the ebelskiver for a picture. Boy, it was piping hot!!

I think I'll try different kinds of fillings next time.

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