Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ho Chi Minh Day 1

Yup this is one of my back posts. 

It was our first trip to Ho Chi Minh for bff and I. To be honest, I wasn't too enthusiastic due to the weather. But well, we always have to make the best of trips isn't it? So Ho Chi Minh we come!!

Boy, were we shocked at the traffic? You bet! It was like a sea of motorbikes!! You are darn nite! Sea!!!

It was sometime before we reached our hotel - Sheraton. It's pretty nice and kind of run down but a place where it is pretty ok to stay. Ho Chi Minh seems like quite a few years behind Singapore which is cool for me as it is also something to appreciate. When we have many things, we tend to forget how we arrived at that stage. So yeah, it's nice.

Yes we usually head for food first! Pho24! :) What is Vietnam without their phos? You will agree wouldn't it?

see the reddish meat in my soup of pho? That's the beef. 

This is for bff who can't eat beef. Hers is chicken but it still is as tasty.

Yes you are right! We've got some KFC chicken to go along :) To me, fast food in every country tastes different because of the differences in cultures etc. So I do love to taste and find out the differences. For me, their KFC chicken is good and crispy and does taste a tad different from the ones we have in Singapore.

What else is there to do in Ho Chi Minh? We've got ourselves booked for a spa and massage - L'apothiquaire. Nice and very nostalgic looking place. Well, their spa is ok, you can try it too.

Thereafter, we were quite prepped up to go for dinner :) Another highlight of our trip!

We managed to make a reservation at La Cuisine for some awesome french cuisine.  

La Cuisine 
48 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

(84 - 8) 222 98 882
La Cuisine

I love the clean and yet chic appearance of the table set ups here. Do make a reservation online if you want to come as they do have limited places.

We had our juices before dinner started. For the life of me, I really couldn't quite remember if this was orange or pineapple. Ah what the heck! That's the problem with backposts :( I swear next time I'll try not to delay my posts.

What's french cuisine without baguette and slabs of butter? Nice I would say, enough to prep my appetite for dinner already.

Of course, what else would be first other than entree? Our entrees were delicately presented

The forgetful me just cannot remember what this is. All I can recall is, the frothy buttery but yet light texture of the cream together with the scallops and mushrooms. Sorry, it's not that it is too common to even remember it but it's the failing memory of the 30s :( SHUCKS! bad excuse but I promise, if I ever get back to La Cuisine, I'll taste it and remember it :):) IF....

So there's my awesome cod steak with crisp skin and nice creamy sauce to go with it. The cod is fresh and the cream goes well with it.

There goes BFF's duck confit. The texture of the flesh of the duck goes well superbly with the crisply fried skin and I must say, the sauce is a wonderful calafare (as says the Singlish dictionary that means it is secondary compared to the 'main actor'). Haha, not!! I say, without the sauce, the duck confit is NOTHING! As we all know, foods and sauces that are complementary bring out the best in each other :)

Well, we have almost come to the end of dinner. ALMOST!! What is the end without desserts? Yes, I believe that desserts complete a meal :) Seriously, don't you??

From these 5 selections above, you can see that I chose this plainly because of its variety or rather, the fact that I can get to taste 5 different items with a plate. So much for creme brulee galore. Yeah, the cream or creme here is indeed good.

For the BFF, nothing rings her bells better than chocolate or should I say, ticks. Whatever. This flourless brownie with vanilla creme (I strongly believe from memory :P) is all she expects. Chocolate and all.

And we are quite done with Day 1.
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