Monday, August 6, 2012

to the Land of Smiles

cute little welcome to the Land of Smiles in Bangkok!!

Yes I like the awesome view from the toilet :D crystalview of everything

Yes guess wat? we already headed straight for MK steamboat

It's this spicy-sweet sauce that got me hooked to the steamboat

To-die-for roast duck!! You can't leave MK without eating this
mango salad isn't too bad but the cabbage by the side is absolutely raw which is something I seriously don't know how to appreciate @@
Tom Yum Goong (notice the milky soup base - some has clear base but this one doesn't)

My lychee freeze!! SLURPS

My fav phad thai :D it was freshly cooked and done just the way I like it

Not sure about you but each time I eat Japanese food in Bangkok, it gives me the feeling that I'm getting more for my buck. 

see the difference between the Tom Yum Goong earlier? This one is clear soup base and really spicy despite the looks of it :P

the dessert I adore most in Bangkok :D

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