Monday, August 6, 2012

simple masak-ing

Don't ask me why but yes this seems to be a failed job of frying papadum :( I will try again next time when I muster more courage @@

Curry Squid

Wanted to try and cook some kind of curry other than just chicken curry and pork rib curry which I have always been cooking all along. I will share those recipes shortly.

This time, I tried squid curry which is only passable to me and thought of frying some papadum to go along. I tell you, I used to think that papadum is easy peasy but boy, I was wrong. Apart from the way of frying it, you still need to store it in an airtight container if not, it will just go 'soft' like those keropok (fried prawn cracker) when you leave it outside for too long. Oh gosh, yes masaking session fail :(

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