Monday, August 6, 2012

Charity event

In the office, we will usually have the yearly charity event where the firm will choose its selected charity so that we can all chip in by cooking or baking as well as selling our foodstuff to the people in the firm in a bid to raise money.

As mentioned much earlier, this is a back-blog post. I think this was late last year.

I decided to try something new this time. Cake pops!! Since the trend is catching up, I thought it would be a good time to try.

used some Dark Cocoa for the cake pop colour

Then used some pink too

bought some lollipop sticks and wrapping material for the cake pops

well, in the end I left these and managed to salvage them :(

 I guess the cake pops didn't turn out well. Figured it was too humid and that it took a long time to roll them all out and they just turn all sludgey against the lollipop sticks.

In the end, I changed them to cake balls and decorated them with a bit of melted white chocolate :) 

This chocolate cake sold the best!!

You won't believe it if I tell you that the chocolate cake was actually from a ready mix. Yes, those boxed ready mix. hahaha unbelievable rite?

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