Monday, July 30, 2012


It was a brief trip in Hong Kong - the place of (all in one). It makes a happy gal :D not to mention that eat.drink should be the main bulk of it all hahaha

Anthony Bourdain in HK :D or was in HK haha

like his description of Mak's Noodles

the rare few times I'll palate kailan but it's very FRESH

superbly well-flavoured but yet simple wonton noodles

check out the HUGE wantons filled with 1 BIG prawn each  YUMS

Tsui Wah's noodles - simple yet delish

oops...only left one!! swiss chicken wings

   Iced Lemon Tea to quench the thirst

Our tram ticket to the Peak...and the peek inside the tram

In case you are wondering what this is, this is one of the pavilions you see in Hong Kong dramas. This is at the Peak itself.

If you have been to Hong Kong or at least seen its scenic night views from Hong Kong dramas, this is it. Well, at least this is in the daytime. Bff and I went there early just to beat the crowd and breathe fresh air. Yes indeed, the air is much  better than its stuffy city fumes.

Bff's fav macaroni brekkie

I had their 'American' brekkie
Century Egg or Peh Dan (in cantonese)

Deep fried spicy tofu

roasted char siew YUMS
Claypot stir fried glass noodles

Mango Sago with Pomelo

Ok I have to confess that I lied. It was mainly about food and drink. Haha but that's just what I love about Hong Kong. Their food looks simply done but tastes fabulous.

I'll be back for sure :D

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