Friday, August 24, 2012

Dulcet & Studio

We were figuring out where to eat for dinner. It's been a long time since we last gathered. The last I can remember was in December last year, probably for Christmas after a year's of hard work.

This time I stumbled upon Dulcet & Studio - a lifestyle cafe where one can unwind, relax, have a cuppa and of cos, sweets. Incidentally, the owner of Dulcet & Studio also owns Tampopo Deli, Tarafuku and Tampopo Grand. Despite this, you do get hints of Japanese here and there in the taste of the food here as well as the inspirational concept of European cuisine and to me, it's a tad more French in its taste but yet European chic.

Enough said, here's the address

Dulcet & Studio
#01-41/42 Liang Court
177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6338 9248
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

I love the chic and stylish design of their brand and it's just so Dulcet & Studio :) When you upgrade your set with a soup and bread, this is what you get. Their soup is unlike your usual creamy mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup.

Of course, you need to know what's their signatures right?

Do you see the picture at the top? That's their famous black pig fettucine. If you do know me, I'm definitely an spaghetti aglio person and nothing else. But of course since we are there, I just needed to 'verify' how good is their famous fettucine. YES, you do need to try it. It absolutely made me forget about the tomato base and the fettucine does taste oddly fresh. The black pork sure does taste different - fresh and so good.

However, I couldn't say the same for the squid ink pasta. To me, the sight of the 'little balls' in the pasta does look abit distasteful. For me, the squid ink pasta just don't gel - my personal preference.

But when you dig into their chicken confit, it tastes so moist and soft. The sauce that comes along seriously looks basil but yet it tastes like the chilli that you get from your usual chicken rice stall. When you dip it, it goes very well. I like the way the chef puts his heart to cooking this.

Have you been reading and reading and waiting for this? Yes, me too. It's their desserts that draw me to want to go there :)

You didn't get a clear vision? Look again.

You saw the 'unsung hero'? Yes their strawberry chiffon cake - refreshingly light and we all kept nodding our heads in unison when we tasted it. A must try!

I do realised my tastebuds do have an inclination towards custard so when I saw their cream puff and mille feille, I was definitely excited! Both of them are good to me, especially the mille with its awesome 'crispy' layers.

As for their tea light cakes with cream oozing out just like my earlier post of hokkaido chiffon cake, I would say to you, don't waste your calories on it. Not worth the count.
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