Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chocolate chip cookies

Do you ever feel that at times, you want to bake but you are so lazy to go measure flour, eggs, butter etc etc? Yes I do feel that too. I call it the lazy baker's syndrome. hahaha Yes I get that every now and then.

I wanted to bake some cookies but didn't know what and was just purely too lazy to measure up all the ingredients. Hence, I went to Sun Lik to get their ready premix cookies. All I needed was the butter and the chocolate chips together with the premix. Voila!! See what I came up with.

To be honest, baking and cooking is fun to me but I very much prefer to bake cakes as a whole so that I need to just make them and 'throw' them into the oven and once they are out,  I can taste them! hahaha speak of the lazy baker's syndrome.

my pre-baked cookies

home baked chocolate chip cookies
I guess they can be done pretty fast too despite the oddball looking shapes they have. They still taste buttery with little lurps of chocolate chips :)

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