Saturday, August 11, 2012

Charly T's

Mr G and I have been pretty curious about Charly T each time we drive past it. If you are wondering where Charly T is, you would notice it if you walk along the way to The Cathay. Yes it's just at the groundfloor before The Cathay. Of course assuming if you are walking from Plaza Singapura.

Anyhow, once we saw a deal coupon on those deal websites from Charly T and bought it so thought why not?

seasoned herb fries (not too bad)

seasoned chicken with sides and sauces

Somehow this reminds me of Kenny Rogers. A place where many of you would have remembered but I have to admit this is a tad better than Kenny Rogers. Pricewise, it is pretty similar to Kenny Rogers too.

chicken wrap with mashed potato (ok I would say but it won't make you think about it)

Of course we will order pork (with Mr G around haha)

chocolate chip waffles

To me, this was what I was looking forward to all night. Chocolate chip waffles!! When I saw the menu, I was like, chocolate chip waffles? as in they made chocolate chip with it? KEWL. Well, after trying, I would say it was ok but I wouldn't specifically think of this place just for this. sorry but it's true.

Chocolate chip ice cream (with gnawed marks from my fork =S)

Well, this is a place where I would say if you have a nice ambience, visit it but only if it's your first. I wouldn't really want to go all the way out just to come here. Definitely more places will make your tastebuds want to go back but not here.

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