Saturday, August 11, 2012

BFF lazy day out (make it a hot one too)

BFF and I decided to have our monthly girls' day out as a way of keeping ourselves sane (from the hectic work) and hey, we do need to have an excuse too isn't it? heheh

We decided to check out the much written-about Food for Thought. We thought that probably going to the one at Queen Street would seem quieter or at least, less crowded. Boy were we wrong. 

Food for Thought at Queen Street (near Bras Basah MRT)

Food for Thought
8 Queen Street

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat (9am  to 10pm)

Like the clean but yet simple decor

My HUMONGOUS iced mocha

We were famished so plunged in for the Full Works (check out for the galore of food)

Pancakes with mixed berries

Although F.O.T.'s desserts like their red velvet cake were a hit amongst its customers, we reckon that we would like to check out another place that has been much talked about by bloggers as one that has nice cupcakes.

The odd thing is, I never or will never understand how people can get so excited over cupcakes since to me, it's always seem to be about the icing. The worst part is, I'm never into the icing mainly due to its usually overly sweet taste. To me, that kills the flavour of the basic cupcake. Yeah, call me an old skool gal.

Well, BFF says we should check out this new cupcake place in Holland Village and review it for ourselves ;) What a perfect excuse! haha

Plain Vanilla Bakery
34A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277691

Do not get the misconception that it is a bakery cum cafe. Literally, it is a bakery or small setup where you can see the bakers baking as well as icing the cupcakes. Despite all of that, do not let that deter you into getting a few of their yummy cupcakes.

Love their simple logo on the box NICE

A few of the cupcakes there

Before we came, we heard a lot about their salted caramel cupcake as their must-try. On the left, it is their chocolate hazelnut flavour and on the right, it's customers' favourite salted caramel.

On a whole, I love their basic cupcakes because of the simple fact that it remains moist as well as its soft texture. That itself is good enough to lure me to eat it and personally, I would grade it a texture better than Twelve cupcakes. You've got to taste it to know why. What I don't like is its grainy texture for its cream. Well, it could just be me and the cream but I've always thought buttercreams do go well better with finer textured sugar that simply will blend well. Anyhow, do try them.

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