Friday, August 10, 2012

Xmas trip to Penang

Since Mr G's family lives in Penang, we will make a trip or two to Penang for our family visit. This is probably pretty unusual compared to most of our friends who have families in Singapore and visit them at least once a week or more. Well, though Penang isn't too far from Singapore, it is just not possible to go up every month or so. Enough said, let's begin our Penang food fair galore!!

Yes, indeed Penang is known to be a food paradise in Malaysia amidst its historical heritage. Someday, sometime, we'll go to the historical heritage sites or even explore its history further but for now, food will have to satisfy your eyes :D

This time, we decided to take ferry to travel from Penang island to off Penang island where Mr G's parents stay. Yeah, it's just like many busy cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong where Penang is also known for its frequent jams at various times of the day.

view of the ferry

while we are leaving Penang island....

Yes,  you can call it a drive-thru ferry

Dim sum breakfast (assortment of various Chinese dim sums to fill the empty stomach)

Penang Char Kuey Teow

You would have long heard of Penang's famous char kuey teows and the famous few stalls that sells char kuey teow. According to Mr G, even any roadside stall in Penang sells decent char kuey teow as compared to Singapore. I couldn't believe it so hence I tried. Yes, I'm truly defeated. It is good regardless of stall.

If you do not know what this is, it's oyster omelette. 
We call this Orh Luak in hokkien (a Chinese dialect). This dish is very famous in Taiwan. It's attractiveness to me is its gluey texture that consists of flour and a few other ingredients. You would be surprised that parsley, sweet chilli just blend in so well with the oyster stir fried in the gluey mixture. A must try!!

Mr G's favourite yam cake
Mr G's common gripe about yam cake in Singapore is that it doesn't have substantial bits of yam cake and the fried onion!! hahaha well, he really gets what he wants here. To understand what he truly means, I tasted a mouthful. No wonder he is so particular about the bits of yam and fried onion. AHhhhh nice :D

Chee Cheong Fun
Notice the fried onion bits scattered generously on top of the chee cheong fun? Yes it's superbly crispy and adds flavour to it. If you wonder what chee cheong fun is, it is just like rolls of steamed rice sticks. At times, there will be different flavours rolled in the rice sticks like bbq meat (char siew) or prawns. You take your pick. I like mine plain.

Pig organ soup with yam rice

Note the yam in the bowl of rice that is white. I think it is pretty odd to me. So far when I see yam in rice, it looks greyish to me. Anyway, to me, it's odd to have yam with rice. Mr G is a happy man with it.

Pasembur is a type of rojak in Penang. Rojak in Singapore is commonly a mixture of fried dough fritters, cucumbers, etc mixed with prawn paste sauce. Pasembur is different. It is a gluey sauce mixture that is somewhat savoury with a tinge of sweetness in it. Oddly, it has fried crackers together with strips of cucumber, hard boiled eggs, chilli and some veg. Everything goes so well. It's my must-order whenever I'm in Penang.

Prawn mee or hay mee

Kuey Teow Tng or kuey teow soup
In Penang, kuey teow tng is a breakfast to have. Its soup is clear base and is rich and it's served with flat noodles (kuay teow), minced meat and fish balls. Simple food is indeed good.

Curry Mee (notice the cubes of pig's blood @@ yeah Mr G's fav)

Cendol with gula melaka

Roti canai or roti prata (in Singapore)
You must try the roti canai here! It's unlike our roti prata or simply put, it's much thinner...with the curry, it just taste perfect!

Nasi Lemak

You won't believe how cheap this plate of nasi lemak costs - if not wrong, it's abt RM1-2. but it tastes simple but yet nice.

Each time I go back to Penang, these food just give me the heartwarm feeling that food need not be expensive in order to taste nice. Do try when you do go to Penang.

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