Friday, July 27, 2012

Buffet dinner at Triple Three

I remember this was a private celebration for Mr G's birthday - just Mr G and me. As I had the Meritus card, it was worth giving a try.

Our buffet dinner at Triple Three went like this..

Sashimi was pretty fresh though it could have been more :) 

Sushi is like any ordinary sushi place's.

The shucked oysters seem to be what Mr G has been attacking non-stop. Are they really that good? To me, 1, 2, 3, that's about it. Then the episode of Mr Bean eating oysters start to play in my mind. Ok imagination running wild but yeah, that's just me.

And then there is tempura....

Finally, there's the sweet treats. Honestly no matter how full you are whether buffet or not, you will definitely be able to make space for desserts :D

For a buffet setting, this is pretty acceptable but I don't really see myself having the urge to want to come back. Can try but can also give it a miss.

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