Monday, July 30, 2012

Road trip in Malaysia

As we set off for KL (otherwise known as Kuala Lumpur), we were already feeling hungry. This time, both sis and her bf joined us. This makes 4 hungry people. haha

We decided to stop by in Johor Bahru where we will begin our food quest with bak kut teh. If you are curious what is bak kut teh, it is mainly a soup base that contains herbs and spices like including star anise, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui (a chinese herb that is known for gynaecological ailments, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc), fennel seeds and garlic (GrĂȘlĂ© D et al, 2007). Generally, we will eat it with pork ribs and loads of fried dough fritters. These days, anything seems to go like button mushrooms, straw mushrooms, tau foo puffs etc etc. We just stick to the mains :)

Mr G couldn't resist its sweet and sour fish. So we ordered one too.

With filled stomachs, we headed up north towards KL. Weather looks good :D

We decided to head further up north to Genting Highlands where we can enjoy some cool weather and some cheap thrills like their rides in the funland and stuff.

Now, we are ready to go to KL's foodstreet to have some local food. Can't wait!!

simple pork noodles :D

Penang Char Kuey Teow (i still prefer Penang's)

Prawn Mee or Hay-Mee in Hokkien

Well, there's alot more to explore in KL but time is limited so we need to head back to Singapore :(

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