Thursday, September 2, 2010

more baking....

Finally I've decided to take a foundation baking class for a few reasons. One of which is to improve my baking skills. Another is to understand more about the science of baking. Odd enough, I always know that there's science involved in baking cakes like if you put baking powder into your flour and sieve it, you introduce more air into your mixture and that will make it rise. But of course, this is just an example ;P

Anyhow, enough said.

Our first class was all about butter cakes. Yes, I'm already thinking along the same line as you. so FATTENING!!! But as I'm a sucker for butter cakes, I was all excited for the class already despite the fact that it's the FIRST one :)

check out the walnut butter cake. The mum just love it so much that she mentioned that whenever I want to bake a cake for her, walnut butter cake is all she ever wants to eat. Hahaha

I guess the best part about this is, it's just so soft that you can't believe you are eating so many slices till you see the empty plate.

soft marble-like cakes which are also buttery :)

chocolate butter cupcakes...

with a bit of 'dressing', you get sunflower cupcake and many more. Yes, you should never exhaust your creativity.

This is a good idea. Will try my own variation when I get the chance though somehow I do like my cakes undressed and without all the fanciful cream because of the fear of more fats, cholestrol increase....oh what the heck!! 

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