Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chocolate...yum yum

Do you love chocolate like me? And by eating chocolates, it will make you happy :) Or if it doesn't do that for you, it sure does for me. However, too much of something will always have a bad effect. Yeah, the extra pounds it adds onto you but well, for the happiness frm eating that, I don't mind.....hahahaha....ok,'s just a love-hate relationship.....oh well, eat lah!!! hahahaha

Since I've gotten my brand new oven, I didn't get to bake stuff as it was already giving me troubles as it is. Ok, finally it's repaired after sometime Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Now, I can get the virgin oven used. ;P

Yes, found this fabulous chocolate chip cookie from Sun Lik that tastes oh, so good and even more so, with milk!!! If you love soft, chewy but yet chocolatey texture for your cookies, yes you are getting closer to the drift of what I'm getting at already :):)

oh and did I ever mention that I have a brand new Kitchenaid too. Pretty bright tangerine one to cross-match my grey kitchen. Kewl!! More motivation to bake even more :):)

check out the gooey mess. Yes it's so goo-ily yums. Though it's taboo or rather, bad to taste batter as you go along, I just couldn't resist.

ooh....look at those lovely choc babies :):) I'm already beaming with pride and glee at the sheer thought of polishing them with milk

oh golly!! they look abit charred on the edges BUT they still taste so good!!!

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