Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cafe hopping part 2

Over the weekend, I asked Mr G if he wanted to go cafe hopping. He said why not? Haha and so we went.
Since we woke up really early, feeling hungry. We decided to check out Food for Thought that also opened very early as well compared to other cafes.
I wanted to have a full works because I simply love their mushrooms and potato balls ;) And the full combination works perfectly fine for me.
And then Mr G had pulled pork burger.

Both dishes were really appealing to our rumbling tummies. Mr G gave a big thumbs up for the full works and more interested in it rather than his pulled pork burger.

To wash down the food, I had a nice cuppa english breakfast tea.

And then, we decided to have some tea and desserts much later after our hearty breakfast.
We came upon this lovely little cafe in the East side - Maple and Market. It's a cute little quaint place that I really love especially since when it's in a quiet neighbourhood.

And they are well-known for their waffles!! Yes, you noticed that too right? It's my weakness especially if I can sniff it the moment I step into the cafe :P

We had waffles with maple syrup and macadamia nut ice cream. I wanted to try how their ice cream was like as vanilla bean and chocolate ice cream was just too common. I love how they have bite size pieces of macadamia nuts in their ice cream. The waffles are crisp and have a soft interior that make you continue taking bites of the waffle till you don't see any left. This is a good steal at $10 since you only get half of the waffle at Creamier. I will definitely go back for sure :)

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