Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cafe hopping Part 1

I have been wanting to write this post for sometime but haven't gotten down to do it yet. And now is the right time.
I had been late to hop onto the cafehopping wagon. It's literally what alot of peeps are doing here over the weekend, after work etc. Yeah, I guess it's the in-thing for a long while here now with many new cafes sprouting up now and then.
I went to Stateland cafe on a hot Saturday afternoon. To be honest, both of us are pretty early peeps so we got there early to realise that they only open at 12pm. Yeah we should have checked. Oh well...I pretty much love the ambience there though.
We heard much about the raved-about eggs benedict from Stateland cafe and that got me interested to go try. Yeah, I pretty much like my eggs that way.
The sight of this eggs benedict just makes you want to lap up all that hollandaise sauce that goes together with the beautifully poached eggs.
 We also shared another all-day breakfast that is served with scrambled eggs. Much as I love scrambled eggs, I would say that eggs benedict is still my ultimate favourite.

Though there were many reviews about the waffles at Stateland, we decided to give it a go and try out the highly-recommended Creamier's waffles. We were definitely not disappointed.

We had waffles (duh, of course!!) with sea salt gula melaka ice cream (sounds fusion-interesting isn't it?) and vanilla bean ice cream. At first, BFF was pretty skeptical about the sea salt gula melaka one. I wanted to try and taste how good it is. We didn't regret that for sure. It was sweet and creamy with a tinge of salt and I think that salty bit brought the ice cream to a higher level. Awesome!! Needless to say, the vanilla bean ice cream was every bit yummy as it should be.

So you are down to the heartlands for the weekend, try Creamier! Especially if you are a sucker for crispy, yummy and yet smell-so-good waffles. You must try!!

But do go early because when the crowds come in the afternoon, you'll really know why. It can get so so crowded whilst everyone's waiting for their seats. You can't really sit there, savour the dessert and chat away. People will be hovering behind you. I think that is the saddest part about this place.

Till the next cafe hop experience....

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