Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Of late or rather more often than not, you would realise that I blog either baking posts or cooking posts and hardly, any more posts on thoughts. This does not mean I do not think but sometimes, I think there's too many thoughts in my mind that it might just seem like rambling to anyone who stumbled upon this blog or post. 

Oh well, it's time to get real. This is definitely not a figure of speech or anything like that. I really do mean the word 'real'. Afterall, the main reason why this blog existed is because I do simply believe that 'life can be simple' if only we allow it to be. Sometimes, humans love to complicate things but in real, it can be only THAT simple if we want it that way.
(Disclaimer: I'm definitely no psychiatrist or philosopher or anyone trained to talk about life. I'm only just a human.)

Call me a scaredy cat, call me a freak but sometimes, I do think that it's better to keep my thoughts and emotions to myself since once it's 'made known', it would seem like people know what you are thinking then you think you will be judged. Yes, this is what I define - fear. Fear of being judged, fear of being criticised or even fear of just saying whatever you want to say. You name it, that fear is probably in me.

I didn't even figure this out till lately, I watched this show 'World War Z'. Ok, are you already rolling your eyes? LOL I'm not going to give you a synopsis of this movie since there are better reviews than mine. In my own simple words, I learnt quite a few things from this. Apart from the fact that at times, things/situations/people can seem so surreal when it's actually real like for eg, our recent haze situation (I'm not going to elaborate on this anymore *YAWN*), I think a big part of me learnt that very often, I let fear take control of my life so much that I can't think clearly (although I always try to convince myself that I am in control, yes, TRY).

In the course of that movie, Mr G said, "the zombies can probably smell fear". Although it was not the real reason (see the movie and you'll know why) but that sentence struck a chord within me. I was thinking, fear is really very powerful. Probably a two-edged sword - it can either push you further to prevent that sense of fear from coming back OR it can make it run away from what created the fear in the first place.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that whenever I feel stressed at work, have the need to calm my thoughts while mulling over something or just simply having any wild thoughts (haha), I simply turn to cooking or baking as a way to divert those negative thoughts and stay calm. 

I will keep those thoughts coming. I promise them to be forthcoming so you don't get eye cramps from my verbal diarrhoea :P 

If you are reading these posts, do holler or even just give a simple smiley. I truly appreciate it. Blogging can get really lonely at times, you know ;)
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