Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Pink Cake

Finally, it's 20th!!! Yes this is a backpost on purpose. For the simple reason that I'm not allowed to post anything about this cake till 20th. I baked this cake for Mothers' Day early this month :)

Seriously, if you do see the picture that follow below, you would definitely wonder where the word 'pink' fits in. Honestly, neither do I. Oh wellz.

Really, this 'The Pink Cake' got its name from the pureed raspberry which is mixed with the frosting so it becomes pink. I didn't use any pureed raspberry but only made vanilla bean buttercream. I think over my side of the world, we peeps seem to be 'allergic' to butter and cream and even buttercream. But I must say, cake with buttercream is heavenly :):) For the second, I'm already trying to erase all the calories ;P

If you are wondering why the heck am I blabbering about The Pink cake. It's plainly because it's our next cake challenge for The Cake Slice bakers :) Yes, our may cake is The Pink Cake which is perfect and falls in place for Mothers' Day. So yes I'm hoping for a 'manly' cake for Fathers' Day in June already hehe.

In Julie Richardson's Baker and Spice bakery, this is one of her hotcake seller cakes :) Beneath The Pink Cake, the cake layers are moist chocolate layers which is soft to the touch and awesome to the tongue, according to the mother :) Yes she loves this cake despite the buttercream which she cleverly and swiftly clean it to the side of the plate @@

Since I won't mention the recipe, there are already a few links that mention this recipe. You can check one of them out here.

The Cake Slice

Ok, call me lazy but I just didn't have time to take step by step pictures this time mainly because I was busy cooking other dishes for dinner as well. Yes, time is of the essence!

Eventually, my 3 layered cake was out from the oven and in the fridge with a crumb coat. And this was how it turned out.

Sorry for only being able to take this picture only as everything else after the cake was cut simply happened too fast. Hehehehe verdict from the beloved mum: The cake is so moist and delicious but yet, not too dense which is just the way I liked it. As she was saying this, I caught her taking a few mouthfuls of the buttercream which is so unusual. Many of you who know my mother would never expect her to do that or rather, her 'normal' action would be just to taste the cake and push away any hint of buttercream to the side of her plate.

So I guess, this cake is another keeper!! :):) Hope it's still not too late to many of you out there. Happy Mothers' Day!!
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