Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rich Marble Pound Cake

Bff: what are you doing?
Me: I'm checking out some recipes (as usual)
Bff: Chocolate Guinness Cake!! I want! It's been so long since you last baked a cake for me. (Me: point taken)
Me: Erm, lazy to go buy guiness stout. Haha

And as all these was happening, my new cake book was in my hands. It took a while for me to decide to borrow it from the library or to get MY very own :) When I saw the book ON SALE, it was a sign!! Then when the BFF was rambling on about not getting a cake recently, I just got the book in my hands. Another sign!! Hahaha we women just love to have reasons (excuses) to do something isn't it? Well well

Anyway, I bookmarked the Chocolate Guinness Cake. My thumb came to this page where I was checking out Tish Boyle's pound cake picture. Trust me, it's very very tempting!!

Erm obviously this is not baked by me right? The lazy me would obviously omit the chocolate glaze and justify by saying that if the marble pound cake is damn good, it wouldn't need the chocolate glaze right? Oh, right! 

Now stop glazing at the picture above and look at the ones below which are done by me :)

If this picture looks unappetising to you or not pictorially pleasing, I did it because I absolutely adore the mosaic-like look it gives. Now check out the one below.

Now this is a close up picture of the marble cake. Not sure what marble cake means to you. Probably many of you can relate to how I feel. I used to remember when I was young, what cake means to me would be purely the simplistic taste of butter or even the light airy taste of the egg whites from pandan chiffon cake or butter cake or marble cake. This feeling to me simply reminds me of home where my mum would always make sure we have food for dinner, clean clothes, clean house even though she has to work full-time and take care of us three. 

With this, I end off by saying that although Mothers' Day is over, I still want to dedicate this bake to my dearest mum for being there for us unconditionally :)

This is the best simple bake I'm going to submit to Super Mummy Baking & Cooking group because of the endearing meaning it has to me :)

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