Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Orange Blossom Honey Madeleines

This is yet another one of my backposts.

After so much baking of cookies, I was pretty sick of cookies for a while. Then suddenly I remembered we Chinese who love to eat this little dessert, otherwise known as the kueh bahulu would probably think of your childhood. It's one of those little hard cakey shapes that come in animal forms ;P
To be honest, much as I have seen alot of kueh bahulus in my younger days, I'm not too much of a fan of them. For me, I much prefer their western counterparts - madeleines :):) Oh at least, they are their western counterparts in my little 'dictionary'.

To partake in the festive Chinese New Year mood, I'm baking these orange blossom honey madeleines. Seeing this simply makes my heart skip a beat as I think it smells really citrusy good :)

If you have a little time to spare and a tingling longing for these cute little madeleines, here's the recipe which is adapted from BonAppetit

While they are warm, make a cup of hot tea and dig in :)

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