Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Korea part 5 - Seongeup Folk Village

Next, we arrived at the Seongeup Folk Village. This is a small town that is rich in Korean culture as it has been passed down from generation to generations. In this place, there are residential houses, Confucian shrines and schools, large millstones (that are pulled by horses), fortress ruins and stone monuments.

The Seongeup Folk Village shows the unique culture of Jeju Island: the black lava rock walls, the straight but curvy alleys to block the wind, and the stone grandfather statues (Harubang), which have become a prime feature of the landscape. The local black-haired pigs and tongsi (pigsty / restroom) are especially well-known characteristics of Jeju folk culture. The Jeju black pork is said to be very nutritious. 

little black pig

large millstone that is usually pulled by horses

stir fried hotplate black pork

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