Wednesday, October 24, 2012

new to The Cake Slice

I got all excited when I stumbled upon the Cake Slice Blogroll. It is a place or haven where I can 'bond' with like-minded bakers who love to try anything new, nice, quirky, unconventional or even traditional. Yeah, life is short so why not?

I am officially a part of The Cake Slice! As we all love a nice, pretty baking book or even two, this is definitely a good idea to make the most of the book. The new baking book has been revealed and each month we will bake something new. I can't wait!

Of course, getting my new baking stash makes it even more exciting for me!! I can't wait to start baking this week :)

As you would probably noticed, I've got a new OXO cookie scoop (good grip). I've been drooling for this for a while now, considering the fact that I tried to use normal ice cream scoops only to have my fingers sliding up and down from the lever due to the grease from the butter etc URGH!!

And yes, you can probably tell I'm prepping up for some cookie mess with my 3 tier cookie tray. With a small and puny kitchen like mine, you would kill to get the 3 tier tray. Anytime!!! I already can't wait till Christmas to begin :) Not to mention the handy rolling pin.

The pastry mat I've got was a start to get me interested for bread baking. Let's see how long that is going to get me going. Yes, I'm very impatient for bread baking which needs proofing. Well, we shall see, we shall see.

Weekend please come already! :)
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