Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brownie 1.0

Some event is coming up really soon. Some of you might have heard it from the horse's mouth, yeah the horse is me, you got that rite. I'll reveal that event in time to come.

Now, for that event, I'm trying out an experiment on brownies. Haha got you thinking what kind of event that is. Ok let's get to the brownies.

Honestly, brownies are never new to me. For a simple fact, I have baked brownies countless times. They sometimes fail, they sometimes are okay. For a large group of you who can bake must be wondering how can anyone fail at brownies? Yes, I figured anyone can. But then again, even the simplest of recipes can fail too, that is if you have done some step wrong one way or the other. For more on the know-hows, go to 101 on baking.

Without further ado, I have been working on a new recipe for brownies. It is supposed to be very gooey-ily good brownies. But there's something odd or rather, peculiar that I have never heard of for this recipe. That is, to refrigerate it overnight before baking. Remember, in my last post on courage, I guess this is another new step :)

Now, after a night of chilling the brownie batter, here's how it turned out to be.

Mr G says it is a success! Brownie 1.0 is UP!
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