Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have you ever....

Have you thought of what you want to do? Not just in your daily your every once in a while aspirations, in your to-do list, in your bucket list, just name the lists, yes all of them.

Not sure about you but yes, I do have many of them - to-do lists, of course. To be more accurate, mine goes way long to the 'to-bake' and 'to-cook' lists. Oddly, sometimes I just let the procrastination get to me.

Each time I hear someone asking me, have you ever thought of baking your stuff and selling them or trying to bake or cook this stuff? I merely just reply, you know I have my moods when I want to bake or cook something so I doubt I'll be able to keep up with the ongoing mode of baking/cooking for long. Before I continue to ramble and rattle, here's my lists:

To bake:

  • cheesecake
  • rainbow cake
  • chocolate fudge cake
  • biscotti
  • madeleine
  • etc etc
If you do know me, I'm a person who loves to bake but prefers to keep things simple. Maybe it's high time I venture out of my comfort zone and really start working off the to-bake list for a start. Afterall, I've always find that baking is a form of stress therapy. At least to me.

Ok it's time to get cracking!

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