Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brussel Sprouts

Actually how many of you do eat mussels? Every once in a while, I will crave or rather, think about the mussels I used to have in Brugges, a small place in Brussels. I still remember that very day where it was somewhat cold and I had a pot of mussels in the best celery butter gravy with loads of chips and some lager - see pictures below.

my awesome pot of mussels

bowl of chips and lager YUMS

I've decided that if I were able to find something similar as to what I found in Brugges, I'll die a happy man or woman. ok, make it a woman then :D

So I found this place near Mohamed Sultan Road known as Brussel Sprouts. It was a good thing none of the food offered in its menu is that of the actual brussel sprouts because it would be a sure way to not get me in there in the first place. YUCKS brussel sprouts, ok it was just a personal dislike for it.

Brussel Sprouts
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 6887 4334

the signature logo of Brussel Sprouts

some bread to go along with the mussels which was kinda unnecessary (in my opinion)

salad with parma ham

For the oddest reasons, I do think that honeydew with parma ham is still the best combination. All else, it just feels weird despite the savoury taste of the ham and the fresh taste of the greens.

my pot of garlicky butter mussels

weeny bowl of chips :(

clams (didn't really like this)

the case of our wrongly ordered pork

We were supposed to have this brilliantly roasted pork but ordered the wrong dish till we saw it. Yes too late. Morale of this story is, if you are unsure, always ask. It will never fail. So in the end, we had to finish this too.

You are smart. We were too greedy ordering so much food so we ended up not finishing alot of the food.

I feel, somehow the taste that I had in Brugges was just missing. And the quest continues....

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