Thursday, September 2, 2010

swiss roll galore!!!

this week's all about swiss rolls. Another one of my favourites :) just simply love the way it's being rolled.

oohh....3 blind mice....ok, it's now 4 the way the mice were piped onto the swiss roll like they 'accidentally' got there somehow.

feather roll in the making...Can't figure out how it looks like a feather? check out the next pic!!

now, a fully completed feather roll. Hmm, not sure how the word 'feather' comes in here then. Perhaps it means that the design looks feather-like. Anyway, sometimes the origins of such names do bewilder me

now, this is another bewildering one but it probably makes more sense. It's called the 'tiger roll'. Did look a tad like the tiger's skin.

Yes, it's a swiss roll wrapped in a swiss roll.

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