Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fried Banana Ball

Have you ever tried fried banana balls? They are also known as jemputeh and Mr G tells me they are known as Kuih Kodok in Penang. Now I know they are called Kuih Kodok. I didn't know that. But little does Mr G know that I'm a sucker for these kuih kodok :):) I absolutely adore them, especially those with a moist banana filling. Ooh lala!!

Today is just a lazy lazy day for me. After having a long nap, I wanted to have some snacks before dinner. So I thought since I bought bananas that day, why not make the recipe that my friend @iamira gave to me that day? She is a sweet soul. I was in love with her jemputeh that she posted on instagram and have been thinking about it.

Here's her recipe.


5-6 overripe bananas
125g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
oil for frying

  1. Mash the bananas.
  2. Add flour and baking soda and mix well. It should be of thick consistency and if it is too watery, add a bit more flour.
  3. Rest the mixture for about 5 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, heat oil in a saucepan. The oil need not be alot, about 1 inch deep is good enough. To know if your oil is heated enough, put a chopstick into the heated oil. If there are bubbles surrounding your chopstick, you are ready to start frying.
  5. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop the mixture and drop it into the heated oil.
  6. Fry until brown on all sides then remove and repeat the steps.
  • your oil must be heated on low flame.
  • do not use canola oil to fry. Use peanut oil or oil suitable for deep frying. Canola oil has very high burning point and that will make your food burn too fast when you are frying.
Check out my fried banana balls aka kuih kodok!!

Seriously, I shouldn't have added additional flour when I mixed the mixture together. I really like it very moist inside. The next time I make this, I will add more bananas!! Yes, I'm a kuih addict too in case you are wondering ;)

If you like this, make this now!! Definitely not too much fuss for cleaning and washing. And you can taste the fruits of your labour almost immediately before cleaning. That would be your reward :)
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