Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chocolate Tart

This is definitely a late post. I meant to post it when I made it but somehow, it didn't work that way especially with the upcoming chinese new year celebrations. So now here is the post.

I have a big confession to make. Yes, a big one. I am a real sucker for tarts, be it sweet or sour or tart ones. Haha nope, this is not the confession. The confession is that, despite the fact I love tarts to bits and that I have bookmarked so many tart recipes, I have yet to bake a tart from scratch. Yes, a true blue tart. 

So here I am with an unconventional method to bake a real yummy chocolate tart. Yes, I'm a tad crazy sometimes. But well, that is what a challenge in life is all about right? Indeed, this was a challenge posted by a really very dear friend of mine.

I've seen this tart crust made by David Lebovitz and you would have to trust me, it's definitely unconventional. It's unlike those tart crusts that you usually make where you to make it, chill it and roll it out thereafter. It just takes water, butter and then dumping in of flour. Ok, don't choke already. It is indeed how it is.

The plate wasn't even quite enough for the long tart ;) 

Honestly I feel if you are really a chocolate fanatic, you will love this tart to bits. The tart crust is pretty crumbly and you definitely won't realise it's a tart where you don't need to chill, stretch, pull and mould. I love the results of this tart shell.

I shan't state the recipe in this post. You may refer to the above link for the tart shell and I used chocolate ganache made by kitchentigress.

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