Monday, February 10, 2014

Castella Cake

Before the clock struck 12 on 1 January 2014, I already had a whole scroll list of things to bake and cook especially those that I have never done before and wish to attempt. It's probably like what one would call the bucket list but of course, the list has been really longgggggggg.

For 2014, I want to push myself to do, make or bake things that I have never done before as a challenge to myself. Just slightly into the beginning of the year, I have done quite a few challenges already and I'm happy for doing it. As they say, live life like you have never lived before. It's my way of living life. What is yours? :)

This time, I decided to challenge myself to make the much-dreaded castella cake that has plenty of failures. If you must ask, I have never eaten a castella cake from Japan. It seems that those people whom I know that have been to Japan hardly heard of castella cake. But how is that I have seen many of my baking blogger friends who have tried and attempted to bake one know about that? It is peculiar but it's ok because now, I'm setting out to bake my own castella cake :)

To me, this is one of the most amazing cakes around. It's amazing for the fact that much as it is a cake, it is made with ONLY bread flour but yet it tastes like a cake made with cake flour. It is very interesting, don't you think? Have you ever tried a cake like that before? If not, do try it too! 

I've seen many versions of castella cake going around. This recipe, this recipe and especially this recipe since it seems fool-proof without dousing your cake with loads of honey, keeping it in the refrigerator and all the fuss. Yes, you wouldn't even believe it too right?

Yes, in the end, I used kitchentigress' recipe for the mere fact that it is a fuss-free cake and it allows you to bake it with great success. 

Can I lead you to her recipe so you can also view her video carefully before attempting your castella cake?

Incidentally, I do have a wooden box that was used to contain ginseng previously and it fitted the size perfectly. I was excited!!

See my castella cake!!!

I was in a rush to go to the mum's place for our continued Chinese New Year celebrations so I didn't manage to take a nice picture of the sliced cake. I do have to mention that the cake is pretty tough to slice as it's quite soft.

When the cake was presented to everyone, I didn't expect the cake slices to go that fast. Everyone was gobbling them in slices. Then my mum said, if each time you come to my place, you bake a cake like this, I will gladly eat it all. I was pleasantly surprised as the mum is pretty health conscious. But she just absolutely adore this cake.

As you can see, I would definitely attempt this cake very soon again.

Yes!! I have been there and done that! Woohoo!!

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