Saturday, November 30, 2013

Perfect Scrambled eggs

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that this is my perfect scrambled eggs or even my best ever scrambled eggs. It's just Bill Granger's ;P

Before I begin, did you even know that Bill Granger is deemed as the 'Egg Master' in Sydney? He became famous with his cream-laden scrambled eggs. As an intuitive cook who is self-taught, he became internationally famous with 5 restaurants and 8 cookery books under his belt. The best thing I like about him is, his recipes are really aimed at domestic cooks which also means things are kept at the minimal simplicity.

Scrambled eggs are usually one of my most favourite dish to pick whenever I'm at a breakfast buffet table. Do you do that too? Now, I'm set to 'master' my favourite scrambled eggs :)

This recipe is from here, here and his book, Best of Bill by Bill Granger.


2 large, free range eggs
80ml cooking cream or full cream
1 pinch of salt
10g butter or a knob of butter


  1. Lightly whisk the eggs, cream and salt together in a bowl until just combined and the mixture has one consistency.
  2. Heat the pan for a minute or so and let the butter melt in it. Don't let the butter brown or it will discolour the eggs. 
  3. Pour in the egg mixture and let it sit, without stirring for 20 seconds.
  4. Stir with a wooden spoon, lifting and folding it over from the bottom of the pan.
  5. Let it sit for another 10 seconds and then, stir and fold again.
  6. Repeat until the eggs are runny and soft in some places, then remove from the heat and leave for a few seconds to finish cooking.
  7. Give a final stir and serve the velvety scramble without delay.
So how do you think my scrambled eggs look?

Honestly, I thought it could be creamier. The insides of the scrambled eggs are as creamy as I wanted it to be. Note to myself: use a smaller frying pan to allow the eggs to cook slower so  hence, the creamier texture. Nevertheless, I thought it was really good. Next time, I need not go to a buffet for this. I can cook this myself :)
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