Friday, September 6, 2013

My Confession

It has been so long. I have a confession, ok make them many confessions altogether but trust me, this isn't going to be easy for me to say them all. But this is the beauty of having a blog isn't it? A blog that belongs to me but yet still not totally mine since peeps can read it.

It is not usual for me to be away this long, not this long at all since my usual cooking and baking addictions do start to creep up with me, leaving me helpless. Yes, I'm not able to cook or bake, at least not for the time being.

Since the last time I seen you here, I was actually preparing for a short retreat to our neighbouring country where I could get my usual short refuge yearly. Yes, I did have fun and I'm sure so did my company ;)

We had this fabulous wanton mee and our favourite braised pork with pork intestines. See our pictures below.

Sadly, after our return, I fell really ill and it had cause for me to be hospitalised almost immediately. Many years back, after my last laparoscopy to remove dermoid cysts that were not detected much earlier, I do shudder at the thought of having to do any similar operation of sorts. I mean, cmon, who would love to be 'cut' up by doctors?? I'm definitely not going to rile up some feminist comment like women can suffer pain better than men etc but let me tell you, it's only when you have gone through such pain, you will know what I'm driving at. Only you will know.

During this whole time of recovery, I have been reading a lot - facebook (haha yes that is also reading to me ;P), books, my fellow bloggers' posts, recipes, etc.  I am slowly trying to reply and comment on your posts, many of which are overdue since I had seen them and wasn't feeling quite up to it sitting at the computer, typing them out. I will get to them eventually :)

Along this train of thoughts, I was wondering to myself, why is that I love to cook, bake, look at recipes, dissect recipes, try to understand recipes and even try to go out of my comfort zone just to do all of the above. Then I saw Dorie Greenspan's latest post and when I saw her video, I was smiling sheepishly to myself because I knew the perfect reason why.

Have you ever seen or read the book 'The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman? I do strongly believe that it was my good friend Sabrina who recommended that book to me. I was really glad that I read that book because till this day, these five love languages still often reminded me subconsciously of how I translate my love to my loved ones and close friends as well as how they translate their love to me.

In short, these 5 love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. 

Many a time, we often feel loved when we receive either one or a few of the above love languages that speak to us. For me, I feel loved whenever I receive words of affirmation and acts of service. Whenever I want to show my love, I often show it through acts of service and giving gifts to people. For me, when I cook or bake for the people I love, that is my way of showing love to them.

Have you thought about your love language(s) and what love language your loved one or close friend have? Yes, let's create more love and less war ;)

My final confession is, my hands are itching to bake or cook already but I'm still holding my horses till I'm truly well and up and about. Till then, my life is going to be simple :)
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