Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday with awesome hot sun, blue fluffy clouds and clear skies!! Indeed it is a beautiful sight especially since the past month where we had grey, gloomy, smoky and hazy skylines. I love the weather!

I woke up pretty early today as I was browsing through what to cook today and I spied with my eyes already! If you guessed right, it's beehoon!! What could be better than a plate of fried beehoon for breakfast :) Don't you agree! Ahem, when I first saw Alvin put up his grandma's pork leg beehoon for Sunday breakfast, I was indeed thinking of home :):)

So I thought why not? With all credits to Alvin, I'm not going to put up the recipe here but only what I modified from his recipe to suit my tastes.

I did almost everything that Alvin indicated in his recipe except that (1) since I didn't have chicken stock, I blatantly used a pork cube instead and put that into the sauce ingredients, and (2) I used a can of pork leg mushroom and a can of pork chops since I didn't have an extra can of pork leg.

As for the water used, I didn't really measure it. It's from pure agar-ation (sing-lish form of estimation where I used my discretion to estimate the amount of water required). The reason is, as you heat or bring the heat of the wok up, you will realise that the amount of water 'sucked' up by the beehoon tends to be pretty rapid so you will need to add water accordingly. Remember, less is always better. If you add a bit of water by a bit, you can have the chance to add more later but if you add so much water, everything will be super diluted and then, you need to add more seasoning to balance the flavours again.

Honestly, I truly love Alvin's recipe. It was simple yet flavourful. Mr G said it's so much better than the last failed recipe I tried :):)

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