Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oatmeal raisin cookies

It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. Many things came up at work and also, I have been testing quite a few cookies but some of them have failed and I simply refused to put them up even the failed ones. Yes, call me perfectionist but I do believe in putting up something that I affirm in. Ok, just call me a stick-in-the-mud then :)

Anyhow, I did try various versions of chocolate chip cookies other than the ones I've baked before and they didn't turn out for various reasons - trying to halve the recipe and hence, forgetting that I did so and added extra ingredients (oh well). I even tried some other cakes which didn't turn out as well. Mr G said they taste horrid. Oh well, when he does say that, it really is horrid :(

After a spate of not so successful baking, I managed to try this one out. I got the recipe from David Lebovitz's version from Flour Bakery. Really, I do agree with him and Joanne, this is as simple as it can get already. Any simpler, you've got to buy it ;) I had a few tweaking from the recipe though in terms of sugar so it really depends on yourself as to how sweet you want them to be.

I didn't take any step-by-step pictures this time.

Remember to not omit the resting period for your cookie batter overnight. It does work and avoid spreading of your cookie.

Now where is your cup of hot tea or coffee? Get ready to start dunking them!

Mr G already finished more than a handful of them so this already gives the verdict that it is a keeper!! He said "I taste all of Mr Toby's goodness in them without the over-sweetness of the bar in them" :)


kitchen flavours said...

Crunch, crunch! Yum, yum! Looks too good to be dunked in coffee or tea! But my hubby loves to do that!

Zoe said...

Hi Grace,

I reckon constant baking and blogging can be tiring but good that I'm into such routine. Can totally understand being pointless posting failing recipes. We are same same... I don't like doing that too.

Great cookies! Agree with Joyce... too good to dunk in coffee or tea :D


Grace Phua said...

Joyce, I think I might just try the dunking and see what the feeling is like. It's just like how the uncles in kopitiams love to dunk their you char kuey into hot coffee. I think that is the feeling ;)

Zoe, so glad that I'm not alone :) Sometimes, blogging can feel like it's a lonesome project when no one replies hehehe Now I'm not alone :):)

Emily said...

These looks great!