Saturday, March 23, 2013

Honey Bee Cake

I missed the post which is supposed to be up on 20 March 2013 but only 3 days. I was thinking, better late than never ;P

And so, FINALLY it's the weekend once again. I decided to bake this honey bee cake with the idea of bringing it over to my parents so they can savour it but after I baked it, 'decorated' it and tasted it, Nah. I'll tell you why shortly =S

To be honest, I already 'typed' out the whole recipe in metric measurements as usual but then, had a nudging reminder from a fellow TCS that maybe doing this wasn't such a good thing afterall. Yes, I do agree that with a nice cake outcome, being able to share recipes with friends who read this as well as people who read my blog is a good thing but it really doesn't seem fair to the author(s) who painstakingly wrote the book and even the people who were involved in the preparations and research in the recipes before the book got published. Sorry if I sound like an old stooge but it did came across my mind that if ever ever ever one day I was in that shoes, I'll be really sad. Moving forward, I will remove all recipes on my blog and only include my notes on the recipe so to encourage you guys to get the book(s).

Ok let's get back to the honey bee cake. According to Julie Richardson, this vintage cake dates way back to 1954. Hmm, I'm wondering if in 1954, my ancestors do eat such a cake which I'm seriously doubting it. Never mind, let me go back to 1954 in another part of the world. Ok I'm drifting @@

A picture of the cake would probably get you more interested right?

Right! To be honest, baking this cake did gave me quite a scare. I halved the recipe as usual. As I continued to make the batter and then putting the cake batter into the springform pan (Yes, I decided to use the springform pan), a bit of the cake batter oozed out. Geez, I think I need to get a new springform pan as it did seem out of shape.

When I baked it, the cake didn't seem to rise as much as the other cakes baked by my fellow The Cake Slice bakers. It was so odd that I almost turned off the oven before the time for the cake to be totally baked is over. But then, I decided to just finish the cake by drizzling the honey mixture all over the cake and the sliced almonds on top. Mr G tried it and liked it alot as it was pretty moist but since I love light and fluffy cakes, I thought it was a tad dense from what I usually eat. Nevertheless, a pat on my shoulder for finishing the whole cake through despite the 'mishaps'.
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